Version 2.01.2
Released on 28.09.2019
Fixed bugs
Several reported bugs fixed
Fixed the option "Draw better quality text". Now the text in the game is drawn in better quality, not in pixel quality.
The operation of the “Text in one cell” option has been fixed. The text is no longer repeated with the same mass, however, the text is stored on the ball regardless of mass and, only when dividing, the text is shown again on a large ball. In general, later, maybe not, I'll fix it.
Fixed a bug due to which the user was saved online and then could not log into the account.
Fixed the "Jelly physics" option working with skins (square during division).
The problem with buttons and space has been fixed (only in the right places, after clicking on the button, it was pressed when pressing the spacebar).
Fixed the Transculent cells option, now the text does not become transparent. If this option is activated, then with spawn, the opposite effect of the spawn protection indication is observed (the ball becomes visible).
Improved advertising display (does not affect the gameplay). In order to pick up a bonus in Spin, you need to watch an advertisement.
Fixed a bug due to which, in spectator mode, the camera at an unexpected moment jumped to the very corner.
Fixed ability to gain level by constant dividing.
Fixed work skins system.
Updated features
Performance improvements
Repositioned user buttons.
Changed and optimized the structure of the store.
Your bots no longer collect coins.
Auto split on Mega Bots, Gigantic modes has been removed.
On the minimap, after your death, a black mark appears at the place of death.
Added the ability to purchase resources.
Made chip protection from eating n seconds after spawn (the ball becomes almost transparent). Unfortunately, the chip will be sold and have improvements (3 - 5 - 7 sec.).
If this advertisement constantly eats you and infuriates you when you press the button, then do not worry, because now the advertisement and the counter do not count the click for the first 7 seconds.
A button appeared in the bot menu, with which you can disable and enable bots (when disabled, the bots do not disappear, but simply stop spawning).
For any purchases for real money, 1 Spin is additionally given.
Implemented by VIP.
Now you can save and restore settings and macros in your account.
Version 2.01.1
Released on 12.06.2019
Fixed bugs
Several reported bugs fixed
Fixed a bug during which boosters could be used endlessly.
Incorrect mass calculation when using "Mass Boost".
Wrong weight calculation when using booster "+1000 mass".
Fixed problems in the work of "Instant Compound".
Fixed ability to gain level by constant dividing.
Fixed work skins system.
Updated features
Performance improvements
Added new skins.
The /kill command in the chat now does not reserve a large mass, only cells with a mass of 10.
Added "Game Time".
Added coins that can be collected on the map.
Now, bots with a mass of more than 12,000 are reborn, so as not to clog the map.
If your bot collects a coin, then it will be credited to you.
Only authorized players can collect coins.
Coins spawn every 30 seconds.
Version 2.01.0
Released on 01.06.2019
First public release